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First Anniversary

It has been just over a year since The Tea House 茶 was launched in August 2021. We have put together a 5-minute video to highlight the achievements and contributions of Chinese-heritage clergy that have made a difference to the life of The Church of England. Our vision is to raise the profile and participation of Chinese-heritage clergy in all structures of the Church.

About Us

The name Tea House 茶 reflects the Chinese heritage we share

Tea Houses have been part of Chinese society for thousands of years. Tea is also a quintessential part of British society and therefore represents a beautiful blend of both cultures.
Tea is also  eminently Anglican. The words, “More tea, Vicar?” possess an almost liturgical quality, given how often they are uttered in churches up-and-down the country.
It is hoped that The Tea House 茶 will  point people in the direction of  clergy with Chinese-heritage. As a group we are small in number and are often overlooked in matters that concern us or the communities we represent, particularly on issues of diversity and inclusion.
The Tea House 茶 provides a space where East meets West. We believe we have much to offer and we hope that our unique perspectives will be considered and our voices heard within the Church of England, whether related to policy, mission, theological reflection or the life of the Church. 

For more information on how The Tea House 茶 was formed and the meaning behind the logo click here


Tea Houses are informal settings where people drop in as often or as seldom as they like. Tea Houses are also intimate spaces where friendships can be built. It is hoped that The Tea House 茶 will provide a place for fellow Chinese-heritage clergy and ordinands to meet, cultivate friendships and support one another in their respective journeys in the Church of England.
Tea Houses are places where social information is gathered and spread. The Tea House 茶 offers a space where we can share interesting news and happenings that are of relevance to the group. Some Tea Houses have stages built for performances. We are considering inviting guests to speak on pertinent topics over Zoom, or arrange meet-ups to discuss a book, topic or current issues.
Tea Houses assume a certain level of etiquette and decorum. We hope that the imagery of a Tea House will remind us to listen and speak respectfully, to show deference and courtesy, and to value one another’s opinions.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining our Whatsapp text messaging group or Zoom meet-ups, please send us an email and introduce yourself.
Alternatively, if you would like to help support clergy and ordinands with Chinese-heritage, please contact us as well.

where we are

Given that Chinese-heritage clergy represent 0.1% of stipendiary clergy and 0.5% of ordinands in the Church of England,* it is unsurprising that up until now, we have been largely unaware of each other’s presence. The Tea House 茶 aims to rectify this situation so that none need feel alone wherever they are in the country or whatever stage of their journey. 
Similarly, Dioceses have been slow in recognising clergy with Chinese-heritage. It is hoped that The Tea House 茶 will shine a spotlight on Chinese-heritage clergy that enables churches, dioceses, theological colleges and NCI’s to recognise their contribution and value, which in turn will lead to a healthier and more diverse Church that better reflects the Body of Christ.
Click on the blue pins to see existing Chinese-heritage clergy. 
* Church of England Ministry Statistics Report (2019) [link]

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There are three ways you can support The Teahouse 茶:


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    Our intention is to eventually become a grant-making body, where The Teahouse 茶 offers financial support to those of Chinese-heritage studying for or considering ordination, as well as  for projects or initiatives that seek to strengthen links between the Church of England and Chinese communities in the U.K. Please email The Teahouse 茶 for more information.

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    • It has been just over a year since The Tea House 茶 was launched in August 2021. We have put together a 5-minute video to highlight the achievements and contributions of Chinese-heritage clergy that have made a difference to the life of The Church of England....

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