Welcoming H.K. Families Training Session II

Rev. Mark Nam hosted a workshop for the Diocese of Bristol for anyone hoping to learn how their church might welcome and support families from Hong Kong who are settling in Bristol under the U.K. Government’s special BN(O) Visa scheme. Mark was joined by representatives from the  Hongkongers in Britain group, Bristol Chinese Christian Church and a panel made up of recently arrived Hongkongers and a local church leader based in Bristol, offering valuable insights and suggestions.

  1. Introduction – Rev.  Mark Nam (5 mins)
  2. Hongkongers in Britain (HKIB) – Julian Chan (27 mins)
  3. Panel Discussion (45 mins)
  4. Bristol Chinese Christian Church – Ps. Chee Kiat Wai (21 mins)

Rev. Mark NAM – DIOCESE OF BRISTOL (5 min)

In this short video, Rev. Mark Nam introduces the session and explains where the Church of England and the Diocese of Bristol are, two years on from when the Government began the Hong Kong BNO passport scheme. If you want to watch the first training session that Mark ran in June 2020 [click here]

  • UKHK Welcome Churches webpage and resource [link]
  • Article in The Observer about The Church of England’s response [link]
  • Detailed article from Christianity Today published at the start of the visa scheme [link]
  • Followup article from Christianity Today published two years into the visa scheme [link]
  • First study of Chinese churches in Britain with important insights pertaining to Hongkongers [link]

Julian Chan – HONGKONGERS IN BRITAIN (27 min)

Julian Chan introduces two projects run by Hongkongers in Britain. The first is ‘Mission PERM’ which focuses on Participation, Employment, Relationships, and Mental Health. The second is ‘Project HAVEN’ focusing on the growing number of arrivals not protected by the BN(O) route and who therefore have asylum seeker/unclear immigration status. Julian explores ways in which churches can practically help or sign-post people to important resources or partner organisations, as well as sharing information about the South West Migration Hub.

  • Hongkongers in Britain website (with links to studies and publications) [link]
  • Mission PERM resource page (with specific Bristol connections) [link]
  • Project HAVEN support page [link]
  • Regional Outreach [link]Coordinator (South West): lareina.tam@hongkongers.org.uk


In this lively panel discussion, Andy Hawkins shares how church communities can provide recently arrived Hongkongers with English learning support. Candy Choy provides insight into the lived experience of many families, and Ps. Wu – a recently retired Methodist Minister – explains the importance of integration within a church context. The panel also respond to several questions from the audience.

PS. CHEE KIAT WAI – Bristol Chinese Church (21 min)

Ps. Chee Kiat Wai explains how the BN(O) scheme is impacting Bristol and how the Bristol Chinese Christian Church is welcoming families from Hong Kong. Ps. Wai discusses ways in which local churches in the Diocese of Bristol can partner with Chinese communities and fellowships that are already engaged with families from Hong Kong. If you would like to connect with BCCC please email: bristolccc.uk@bristolccc.org

The Tea House

The Teahouse 茶 supports and empowers clergy with Chinese-heritage in the Church of England. It does so by promoting the presence and participation of Chinese-heritage clergy in all all structures of the Church, creating connections and providing information and support.

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