From Lament to Action

On April 22nd 2021: Stephen Lawrence Day, the Archbishop’s Anti-Racism Task Force published its first report, From Lament to Action. The report identifies five key areas of church life in need of immediate action: participation (including appointments); education; training and mentoring; young people; and governance and structures. 47 recommendations are contained in the report.

Prior to the release of the report, the Anti-Racism Task Force put out an open consultation. Twelve members of The Tea Room (9 clergy and 3 ordinands) responded to the open invitation, offering suggestions which can be viewed here.

Of the 23 suggestions made by members of The Tea Room, 5 have been included under 7 action points contained in the report.

Participation (Including appointments):

  • the suggestion that all senior posts should have UKME/GMH on shortlists was reflected in action points 7, 8 and 9 of the report.
  • The suggestion that at least one BAME canon (incl. honorary canon) be in every cathedral by 2025 was reflected in action point 13.


  • The suggestion that East-Asian theology be included in IME-1 training was reflected in action point 4 to ensure that a module on Theologies in Global Perspectives (TMM42620) be a possible requirement for all ordinands to study.

Training and Mentoring

  • The suggestion of compulsory unconscious-bias training for senior staff, clergy, interviewing panels (synod, church wardens, Bap, etc.) was reflected in action point 3 which recommended a mandatory three-stage learning programme incorporating unconscious bias training, intercultural awareness and anti-racism training for National Ministry Team staff including BAP advisors.
  • Similarly, the aforementioned suggestion was also reflected in action point 9 recommending the delivery of a mandatory anti-racism programme for all diocesa staff, clergy, readers, and church officers. 

Members of The Teahouse 茶 are grateful that some of the suggestions offered in the open consultation were reflected in the report. It is hoped that the voices and perspectives of Chinese-heritage clergy will continue to be heard as the Task Force looks to establish an Anti-Racism Commission.

The Tea House

The Teahouse 茶 supports and empowers clergy with Chinese-heritage in the Church of England. It does so by promoting the presence and participation of Chinese-heritage clergy in all all structures of the Church, creating connections and providing information and support.

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